Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What's Happening in Year 8

It's the last term ever for the Year 8 students (so sad!) and there is heaps on! Saint Mark's School from Wellington have just returned home from their visit here. We won the Debating Cup and chess games against them. This week is exam week and we have all been studying hard. We have already had our Mathematics and Writing. We are beginning to prepare for the school disco, which is run partly by the year 8's. Also there is the Independent Schools'Year 8 semi-formal dance coming up this term, and all the girls are talking about their gorgeous dresses and all the boys (as usual) don't really mind what's happening. Just about all of us have chosen a high school to go to next year, and we are very upset because we have only 2o and a half days left at St. Michael's School. All the girls are getting very emotional about this. We are excited about going to new schools and gaining new experiences but it will be sad to say goodbye to the great friends we have made here. We (Georgia R, Raphaela, and Rebecca) know that we will definitely miss all our friends here as some of them aren't going to the schools that we are going to. Year 8 has been awesome for us and we will never forget it.

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