Tuesday, December 8, 2009

my christmas prayer

This Christmas, I want an i pod. Or a plasma T.V. would be nice.
Actually something much better to watch would be to see the ignorant become educated,
to notice, care about and change the unfair and sad lives of the starving and enslaved.
A beautiful Christmas image would be that it is a time that everyone comes together from opposite ends of society, to give gifts and respect and help each other.
Imagine a world of blind people - if friendships were easy, not at all shallow.
If they were easy and kind, if all the unnecessary factors of a relationship that are unfairly judge mental, age, beauty, race were eliminated.
How much stronger and wider our friend circles would be if everyone just stopped judging.
My last Christmas wish is that no one is alone.
That everyone invites someone, so no one is left out.

By Georgia Rouch

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